Frequently asked questions

When did Hand Heart Pocket start?

For more than 80 years Freemasons in Queensland undertook charitable activities under the name of ‘Board of Benevolence and of Aged Masons, Widows and Orphans’ Fund’. In 2014, the new public brand Hand Heart Pocket was launched to better reflect the range of charitable activities Freemasons Queensland now undertakes.

What is the significance of the Hand Heart Pocket name?

For centuries Freemasons have used the symbols of hand, heart and pocket to pledge practical help, genuine empathy and financial generosity to those who need it most.

How can I find out more about Freemasonry?

Visit the Freemasons Queensland website to find out more about Freemasonry and how to become a Freemason.

Why should I give to Hand Heart Pocket rather than directly to a charity they support?

Because we are active throughout Queensland, we can identify where the greatest need is at a particular time and enhance funding support there. Often we reach small local causes that would otherwise be forgotten. Of course, if you want to support one of our major partner organisations direct, they will also welcome your help.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, all community appeals are tax deductible, not only will your donation go towards assisting your community in need, but you benefit by claiming your donation on your income tax.

How do I get a receipt for my donation?

If you provided a valid email address when making an online donation, then a receipt will be issued shortly after you complete your donation. If you donate in person during a fundraising event ran by Hand Heart Pocket then all donations of $2.00 or more will be issued with a receipt on site.

How much of my donation goes to the appeal?

100% of money donated to our Community Appeals goes to charity causes – we do not take any costs for administration – administration costs are met out of the Freemasons’ operating budgets.

What if I entered the wrong amount for my donation online through my credit card?

All donations are in Australian dollars.  If you accidentally entered the wrong donation amount then please call 1300 053 396 and we will refund the requested amount used to make the original donation.

Is there a minimum amount I can donate?

No, there is no minimum amount.

Is your online fundraising system secure?

Yes – our website is hosted by a reputable technology company experienced in non-profit and community organisations. Donations can also be made by PayPal.

How does Hand Heart Pocket support Queenslanders?

We support the fundraising initiatives of local Masonic Lodges across Queensland, we support Queensland non-profit organisations and we support selected Queensland research in areas relevant to improving life for Queenslanders.

What percentage of money raised goes to Freemasons’ administration costs?

100% of money donated to our Community Fund goes to charity causes – we do not take any costs for administration – administration costs are met out of the Board’s’ operating budgets.

How do I run a fundraiser for Hand Heart Pocket?

Thank you for considering it! Please see our Start a Fundraiser page and form – this will let us know your plans and we can give you further guidance and support from there.

Can I get Hand Heart Pocket to help support our charity?

If you are a Queensland charity that aligns with our focus areas and does not have your own strong fundraising capacity, we may be able to help in future. Unfortunately we cannot help everyone with a worthwhile objective and our ability to help is currently at full capacity. If you are local community charity in a particular area, please contact a local Lodge. If you are a Queensland-wide charity, please contact 1300 053 396 between 9am and 5pm.