Our Partners

Our partners are Queensland charities and organisations that have the potential to achieve great things but are not always highly visible in the sophisticated fund-raising world. Before partnering with any organisation we research their vision and projects, as well as their governance to ensure any funds we donate will be wisely used to achieve maximum results. We currently work with these visionary organisations:

Queensland Brain Institute

Queensland Brain Insitute (QBI) is one of Australia’s leading neuroscience facilities and is undertaking groundbreaking and world-class work in a number of fields, including dementia.

Hand Heart Pocket has been supporting QBI for a number of years and in 2013 we became major sponsors of the Freemasons Queensland Senior Research Fellowship in Learning and Memory to fund a leading researcher for five years. Professor Williams was selected and is focusing on neuronal circuit techniques in the neocortex and retina. This fundamental research will have many applications but is particularly promising in improving understanding of dementia and developing treatments and prevention.

We believe the work of QBI may hold the key to some of the most far-reaching quality-of-life improvements for Queenslanders – as well as having applications around the world.


Aegium Foundation

Aegium Foundation (previously known as The Geriatric Medical Foundation of Queensland) was formed in 1986 by Freemasons Queensland contributing $1 million. Its initial aim was to fund a new chair at The University of Queensland - the Masonic Chair in Geriatric Medicine, to enhance geriatric medicine teaching to medical students and support research into geriatric medicine.

Today the Foundation is dedicated to making older age a time of greater health, greater dignity and greater potential. It believes everyone should be able to enjoy a rich and fulfilling life in their older years.

As well as funding research initiatives such as the Queensland Parkinson's Project (QPP) at Griffith University, Aegium Foundation is a leader in supporting telehealth - an initiative that allows older Queenslanders in remote and regional Queensland to enjoy the best standards of care without travelling to major cities.