Who do we help?

Hand Heart Pocket makes a difference for local community organisations, local people and Queensland not-for-profit organisations.

Four areas of action

Our manifesto specifies four main areas of focus:

  1. We support initiatives to extend medical understanding so more people will live free from debilitating and life-threatening conditions.
  2. We support educational initiatives that will advance knowledge and help the next generations move forward with transformative ideas.
  3. We support initiatives to make ageing more positive, fulfilling and dignified because a large part of our lives is spent being older.
  4. Finally we respond to disastrous circumstances, helping mend lives and get people back on their feet.


Who qualifies for help?

Local Lodges assess local concerns and choose causes that have the potential to make important differences for their community that are in line with the causes Hand Heart Pocket can support.

At a state level, we choose initiatives that align with our main areas of focus and that help improve the effectiveness of non-profit organisations or research bodies with outstanding potential to make a difference. Again, it is not possible to help everyone we would like to help but we believe we have chosen visionary partners with great integrity.

Our Benevolence Assistance program supports Freemasons, their families and others in times of exceptional need.

About our Benevolence Assistance program

You don't have to be a Freemason to qualify for Benevolence Assistance from Hand Heart Pocket.  Our program provides a range of benevolent relief to people in necessitous circumstances. 

View the Guidelines for our Benevolence Assistance Program

Download our Benevolence Assistance Application Pack

Download our Disaster Relief Application Pack

Download our Funeral Grant Application Pack