Who do we help?

Hand Heart Pocket makes a difference for contemporary families and
communities in
Queensland and Papua New Guinea

Our Significant and Flagship Grants

Hand Heart Pocket provides Significant and Flagship Grants to registered charities that operate in Queensland. These grants are designed to provide sustainable support for charitable initiatives that have limited access to other funding sources and that can make a significant charitable impact in the community.

Applications for grant round one for FY 2019-20 have now closed. Grant round two will be released in late November / early December 2019. The guidelines and selection criteria for this grant round will be published at this time. Should you wish to receive a notification when grant round two is released, then please email info@handheartpocket.org.au

Check out our list of grant recipients


Our key areas of support

Through evidence-based research, we have identified five key focus areas that we support:

  1. Men’s mental and physical health -  initiatives that promote and support positive physical and mental health for men.

  2. Employment for youth with mental health issues – initiatives that provide a hand up for youth with mental health issues so they can be gainfully employed.

  3. Women’s financial and physical security - initiatives that provide and support financial and physical security and to help women get back on their feet as a result of domestic violence.

  4. Ageing population – initiatives that support positive ageing, the health needs of the aged or that assist with meeting the challenges of an ageing population.

  5. Education – initiatives that provide a hand-up to assist with the education of those in necessitous circumstances or who have a disability. 

We also have initiatives that support our members, their families and other members of the community in times of extreme need, to help them get back on their feet.


Our methods of support

Our work to support the needs of contemporary families and communities in our key focus areas outlined above is achieved through: 

  • Grassroots Grants - We work closely with our network of Masonic Lodges at a grassroots level to identify areas of specific concern and support causes that have the potential to make an important difference for their community.

  • Significant Grants - At a state level, we provide large donations to other charities needing a hand up, to endure they can deliver essential services for those who rely on them or we provide funding for charitable initiatives that have limited access to other funding and that will provide a significant impact in the community.

  • Flagship Grants - Our flagship grants provide substantial monetary donations to meet large and strategic areas of unmet need that have limited access to other funding sources.

  • Benevolence Assistance - Through our benevolence assistance program, we help individuals in times of exceptional need. You do not have to be a Freemason to quality for benevolence assistance from Hand Heart Pocket.


Our Benevolence Assistance

Our Benevolence Assistance Program provides individuals a hand up in times of exceptional need, including those affected by a natural disaster. Details on this program can be found below: 

View the Guidelines for our Benevolence Assistance Program

Download our Benevolence Assistance Application Pack

Download our Disaster Relief Application Pack

Download our Funeral Grant Application Pack