Who do we help?

Hand Heart Pocket makes a difference for contemporary families and
communities in
Queensland and in Papua New Guinea

Our Significant and Flagship Grants

Applications for our Significant and Flagship Grant Round 1 for the 2020-21 financial year have now closed. Applications for Grant Round 2 will be accepted between 1 November 2020 and 30 November 2020.

Hand Heart Pocket’s primary philanthropic focus for at least the next three years is to help improve outcomes for youth at risk. As a result, the majority of our Significant and Flagship grant-funding will be committed to supporting programs and initiatives that provide a holistic and strength-based approach, which is backed by evidence, to engage young people at risk to have hope for their own futures and help them to:

  • Find a stable home;
  • Build a support network;
  • Contribute to the community;
  • Seek help when needed;
  • Gain an education and skills for the future;
  • Find stable paid or volunteer work.

Grant-funding is provided through two grant rounds per year to registered charitable organisations or businesses that trade to intentionally tackle social problems that operate in either Queensland or in Papua New Guinea and who can demonstrate that their programs and initiatives are able to assist Hand Heart Pocket to make progress against its ‘Theory of Change’ to improve outcomes for youth at risk, or are in support of Hand Heart Pocket’s current strategy. 

In addition to our focus on youth at risk, Hand Heart Pocket’s current Strategy 2018-2024 also incorporates a smaller portion of grant funding for initiatives that support the following:

  • Men’s mental and physical health
  • Women’s financial and physical security
  • Ageing population

Find out more about why and how we plan to help improve outcomes for youth at risk and how your organisation could help us achieve this through a Significant or Flagship Grant:

  1. Read our Background Report and Hand Heart Pocket's Theory of Change: Improving Outcomes for Youth at Risk in Queensland.
  2. Watch our whiteboard video about how we are refining our philanthropic approach to help improve outcomes for youth at risk.
  3. Review our Grant-Making approach: Guidelines for a Significant and Flagship Grants.
  4. Consider which evidence-based program or initiative you would like supported.
  5. Download an Application Form (which will be made available in late October) and submit your application, detailed proposal and supporting documentation to info@handheartpocket.org.au between 1 November 2020 and 30 November 2020.

Check out our latest list of grant recipients


Our methods of support

Our work to support the needs of contemporary families and communities in our key focus areas outlined above is achieved through: 

  • Grassroots Grants - We work closely with our network of Masonic Lodges at a grassroots level to identify areas of specific concern and support causes that have the potential to make an important difference for their community.
  • Significant Grants - At a state level, we provide large donations to other charities needing a hand up, to endure they can deliver essential services for those who rely on them or we provide funding for charitable initiatives that have limited access to other funding and that will provide a significant impact in the community.
  • Flagship Grants - Our flagship grants provide substantial monetary donations to meet large and strategic areas of unmet need that have limited access to other funding sources.
  • Benevolence Assistance - Through our benevolence assistance program, we help individuals in times of exceptional need. You do not have to be a Freemason to quality for benevolence assistance from Hand Heart Pocket.


Our Benevolence Assistance

Our Benevolence Assistance Program provides individuals a hand up in times of exceptional need, including those affected by a natural disaster. Details on this program can be found below: 

View the Guidelines for our Benevolence Assistance Program
Download our Benevolence Assistance Application Pack
Download our Disaster Relief Application Pack
Download our Funeral Grant Application Pack for Partners and Spouses
Download our Funeral Grant Application Pack for Estates