Help bring ‘Joy’ to disadvantaged students

Donate to the Hand Heart Pocket Appeal for the Joyful Foundation Inc. 

Imagine, it’s the first day of the school year and you turn up with no books, pens or essential equipment to learn. Or you don’t have a uniform because your family could not afford one. This is the reality many disadvantaged primary school students faced when they returned to school in January.

The Hand Heart Pocket Appeal for the Joyful Foundation Inc. will benefit North Queensland’s most disadvantaged primary school students. This Masonic initiative, with the support of Hand Heart Pocket, aims to help students reach their full potential by providing access to basic essentials like stationery packs, uniforms and costs for extra-curricular activities and excursions which they would normally go without.

At present North Queensland is going through one of the worst economic downturns in its history. Hence, the region needs our support now, more than ever.

Help change the course of North Queensland by investing in its future. 

How your donation can help

“Since the resource downturn, we have had to double our efforts.”

Parents are doing the best they can with what they have. Often both have lower paying jobs and may not qualify for government assistance. Whatever it may be, once the bills have been paid and food put on the table there is no money left for anything else. In the end these young children dread going to school, they know they will get picked on and made to feel like they don’t belong.

Help North Queensland’s most disadvantaged students forge a brighter future and carry on the legacy of my late daughter, Joy, who inspired the work of the Joyful Foundation Inc.

– Ron Donnellan, Freemason and Joyful Foundation Inc. Founder