15 June 2018

A hand up for families impacted by Huntington’s disease

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Queensland families impacted by Huntington’s disease have been given a helping hand from the Mackay Freemasons for reasons that are very close to home.

Calen, Hamilton and Walkerston Masonic Lodges joined forces with Hand Heart Pocket to donate $2,000 to Huntington’s Queensland, having seen firsthand the fighting spirit of the wife of the Master of Walkerston Lodge, who is living with the disease.

Calen Masonic Lodge Secretary Graham Townsend said the donation would empower the organisation to deliver essential programs and services that improve the quality of life of hundreds of Queenslanders in the same position.

“With no known cure, it’s important that families are given the support they need to adjust to life with Huntington’s disease,” Graham said.

“Education is key and so is knowing that they are not alone, hence, why we wanted to make this contribution,” he said.

Hand Heart Pocket Chief Executive Officer Gary Mark said education to support people with a disability was an initiative within the organisation’s strategy.

“Helping to improve the wellbeing of people with Huntington’s disease and their families through education resonated with Hand Heart Pocket’s values which are about alleviating suffering and empowering people to lead better lives,” he said.

“We thank the Freemasons of Mackay for turning their personal experience into something positive, by bringing this cause to our attention, so that we could work together to make a bigger difference for more families,” he said.

Photo: Calen Masonic Lodge Secretary Graham Townsend alongside wife of the Master of Walkerston Lodge Karen Astley.

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