19 March 2018

Donation gets stroke patients moving

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Stroke patients undergoing rehabilitation at Gympie Hospital have been empowered to lead more independent lives after the Gympie & District Masonic Fundraising Committee teamed up with Hand Heart Pocket to donate two specialised wheelchairs.

Patients working to regain their strength, as part of the rehabilitation program, will be able to operate the wheelchairs using one arm, giving them the ability to keep moving.

Committee spokesperson Wayne Smith said they hope the donation will improve patients’ wellbeing and enhance the rehabilitation process. 

“The road to recovery is never easy – patients will have their good days and bad days, so we hope this donation uplifts them and gives hope to their families,” Wayne said.

“Suddenly having movement on only one side of the body can be mentally challenging, so it will be good for these patients to feel as though they can still move around independently to a certain degree,” he said.

Hand Heart Pocket Chief Executive Officer Gary Mark spoke highly of the Gympie & District Masonic Fundraising Committee which represents nine individual Lodges.

“Enhancing the rehabilitation process by providing specialised equipment to improve the quality of life of stroke patients aligns with Hand Heart Pocket’s values, which are about alleviating suffering and empowering people to lead better lives,” Gary said.

“I congratulate the Gympie and District Freemasons for identifying this worthy cause which we were only too happy to support,” Gary said.

In the past 18 months alone, the Committee has donated close to $23,000 to local organisations and individuals.

Photo: Members of the Gympie & District Masonic Fundraising Committee stopped by the Hospital to check out the new specialised wheelchairs, which were purchased with the funds they donated along with Hand Heart Pocket.  

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