26 October 2018

Freemasons and Men’s Shed join up to advocate for men’s health

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Sizzling sausages and sharing food is how Roma Freemasons and Roma Men’s Shed addressed men’s health in October. 

The barbeque lunch is one of many events organised by Hand Heart Pocket the Charity of Freemasons Queensland and the Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA) across Queensland throughout September and October.  It is part of Hand Heart Pocket’s 2018 Father’s Day Appeal where AMSA will deliver its Spanner in the Works? men’s health checks and funds will be raised for local Men’s Sheds.

“We’re excited to be launching our Father’s Day Appeal this year with our charity partner, Australian Men’s Shed Association. Together, we hope to empower more Queensland men to take control of their health,” said Hand Heart Pocket Chief Executive Officer Gary Mark.

“Support for initiatives that improve men’s mental and physical health aligns with the organisation’s long-term strategy,” he said. 

The events will provide communities with information about proactive approaches to positive physical and mental health and will raise funds for local Men’s Sheds on event days.

“It’s a real privilege to be the chosen charity partner of Hand Heart Pocket’s Father’s Day Appeal this year as there are some real synergies between the community values prized within Masonic Lodges and Men’s Sheds,” said AMSA Executive Officer David Helmers.

At the conclusion of the 2018 Appeal, Hand Heart Pocket the Charity of Freemasons Queensland will provide AMSA with significant grant funding to support Men’s Sheds in Queensland in 2019.

“The support of the Father’s Day Appeal will go a long way in assisting us to provide financial assistance as well as access to health and wellbeing initiatives to Men’s Sheds and their communities across Queensland,” said Mr Helmers.

Brian Reardon, a local Freemason, said he was looking forward to attending the lunch and shining a light on men’s health.

“The lunch was a wonderful way to get people talking about the issue as I know sometimes we ignore physical problems and don’t discuss how we feel,” he said.

“Working with Hand Heart Pocket to support men’s health can really make a local and state-wide impact,” said Brian. 

Photo: The Freemasons of Roma and the local Men’s Shed fired up the barbeque yesterday to support men’s health. 

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