26 April 2018

Helping keep Angel Flight in the sky over Central Qld

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Angel Flight has been empowered to keep their planes flying in Central Queensland after the local Freemasons made a generous contribution towards the organisation’s fuel costs.

Yeppoon Masonic Lodge, with the help of several other Lodges in the region and Hand Heart Pocket, donated $1,200 towards what is ‘liquid gold’ to Angel Flight – enabling the transportation of country Queenslanders to specialist medical appointments and ongoing treatment, which would otherwise be inaccessible.

Yeppoon Masonic Lodge Secretary, Philip Livingston said caring for those in your community was part and parcel of what it means to be a Freemason.

“We facilitated an Open Day for Angel Flight to give locals an insight into how this essential service improves people’s quality of life,” Philip said.

“Everyone that came was asked to donate if they could,” he said.

Locally, Angel Flight has completed 106 missions in and out of Rockhampton and 51 out of Gladstone. These numbers are set to increase with the opening of the new cancer unit at Rockhampton Base Hospital.

Hand Heart Pocket Chief Executive Officer Gary Mark was appreciative of Yeppoon Masonic Lodge for bringing the work of Angel Flight to its attention, helping to make specialist healthcare accessible for the region’s sick.

“Our focus is to provide sustainable support that delivers positive outcomes for organisations that have limited access to other funding,” Gary said.

“Helping Angel Flight to remain in the sky over Central Queensland tallies with our values which are about alleviating suffering and empowering people to lead better lives – so it was only right that we matched the donation made by Yeppoon Masonic Lodge,” he said.

Photo: A young patient and her mum on board an Angel Flight plane. Photo courtesy of Angel Flight.

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