27 October 2017

Lifesaving service backed by Masons

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For almost 40 years, Lifeflight (formerly known as Careflight) has come to the rescue of thousands of critically ill and injured patients in regional and remote Queensland, providing emergency medical care and transportation to the nearest major hospital.

In recognition of their commitment to the Wide-Bay Burnett region, Boonara Masonic Lodge with the help of Hand Heart Pocket has donated $5000 worth of lifesaving equipment to be used on board the RACQ Lifeflight Rescue helicopter.

Boonara Lodge Worshipful Master, Steve Rath said their remoteness and the condition of the roads had meant the Lifeflight chopper was their only link to major medical support for those in need of urgent attention.

“The people of our district benefit greatly from this service, from the smallest of babies to the elderly, so we have everything to gain from supporting Lifeflight – enabling them to continue providing this vital service,” Steve said.

Boonara Lodge’s respect for the work of Lifeflight goes back to when one of its Lodge members was given a second chance at life.

“Reg might not have made it, if it wasn’t for Lifeflight.”

“He was on his way home from the local Tansey Bowls Club one evening, and had stopped on the side of the road when a car approached from the bend and t-boned him. While many people worked to save his life, without Lifeflight he wouldn’t have reached a major hospital equipped with the resources to help him,” he said.

“Reg is here today and is doing remarkably well for someone in his 80s, so we’re very grateful for all that Lifeflight did for him when he needed them.”

Hand Heart Pocket Chief Executive Officer Gary Mark, acknowledged the important role that organisations like Lifeflight play in regional communities and commended Boonara Lodge for supporting such a deserving cause.

“Helping to alleviate suffering and misfortune is one of Hand Heart Pocket’s values, so Boonara Lodge’s intention to donate this vital equipment was the perfect fit,” Gary said.

“It’s important that people in the Wide-Bay Burnett region know that, the local Freemasons are generous, community minded people who are ready to make a difference where they can,” he said.

Photo: Boonara Lodge representatives Maurie Sheather; LifeFlight Pilot Andrew Caton, Sunshine Coast Coordinator Mandy Hentschel and Lodge representative Steve Rath. 

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