03 May 2017

Members volunteer to Champion Hand Heart Pocket

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Hand Heart Pocket is set to launch a Pilot Champion Program which is designed to provide on the ground peer support to Lodges for Hand Heart Pocket services and programs. 

The pilot program was developed as part of a workshop held in March with a small group of members who had previously been appointed as Hand Heart Pocket Ambassadors. 

“We decided to redefine the previous Ambassador role to make it a more practical and defined volunteer role.  The program is expected to evolve over the next year during which time we can better understand its value and how we can best support these volunteers to champion our activities and to help us provide support to our members,” said Hand Heart Pocket CEO, Gary Mark.

The program will be piloted for at least a year with the role being discussed in each area at the Hand Heart Pocket Information Sessions currently being held across the state. 

Our target is to have 15 to 20 officially appointed volunteers, geographically disbursed throughout the state, to champion Hand Heart Pocket activities.  At the information sessions I am holding, I will be discussing this Champion role, it’s practicality in the area and working with the Lodges to identify an appropriate member to Champion our activities,” said Gary.

Along with championing Hand Heart Pocket activities and fundraising appeals, the role is designed to have a dedicated person that can guide lodges in their area with running compliant fundraising activities and to ensure they are aware of the support and services available to them from Hand Heart Pocket.

“We hope that this Champion role will help us to better support the charity work of Lodges throughout the state,” said Gary.  

Photo: Hand Heart Pocket’s first Champion workshop held in March (from left): Adam Brighouse, Luke Roberts, Gary Mark (CEO, Hand Heart Pocket), Rob Qualtrough (Executive Officer Commercial and Company Secretary), David Roberts and Jason Brummell.

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