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Who we are

For centuries Freemasons have used the symbols of hand, heart and pocket to pledge practical help, genuine empathy and financial generosity to those who need it most. Inspired by this spirit of benevolence,
today we promise that same support.

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Practical Help
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Genuine Empathy
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Financial Generosity

Hand Heart Pocket is an independent charity and philanthropic foundation established by the Freemasons of Queensland with a history of helping the community for more than 110 years. We partner with other charities and philanthropists to create positive change for people in need in Queensland and Papua New Guinea, particularly young people. At a local level, we also back Freemason Lodges to support people in need and their local communities. Our Members’ deep connections to their local communities means they know exactly which local initiative to support, so together, we can help to bring our purpose – to partner for change for people in need – to life in communities across Queensland and Papua New Guinea.

Hand Heart Pocket is the trading name for the Board of Benevolence and of Aged Masons Widows and Orphans’ Fund.

Read our 2020-21 Annual Report

Read our Consolidated Financial Report 2020-21

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To partner for change for people in need.


Our goal is by 2030 to ensure 10,000 of Queensland’s at-risk young people have the outcomes they need to thrive in adult life.

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Our values are

  • Compassion

    Alleviate suffering and misfortune

  • Integrity

    Moral and ethical

  • Empowerment

    Equip people directly or through others to lead better lives

Uico Grant Funding

Do you have an opportunity that aligns with our Theory of Change?

If you have an opportunity that aligns with our Theory of Change that you would like to talk to us about, please submit an enquiry to info@handheartpocket.org.au

Latest news

News20220111 Latest News Disaster Relief Wide Bay Burnett 1

$20,000 disaster relief donation for Wide Bay-Burnett region on behalf of Freemasons of Queensland

After discussions with our disaster relief partner GIVIT about the level of need on the ground in the wake of the recent Wide Bay-Burnett floods, we are donating $20,000 for the relief efforts on behalf of the Freemasons of Queensland. 100% of this donation will go directly to people affected by this natural disaster through […]
News20220111 Latest News Disaster Relief Wide Bay Burnett 1

Our disaster relief donations for the Wide Bay Burnett region and how you can give too

Our thoughts are with those affected by the recent floods in the Wide Bay-Burnett region. We know how important community support is for people when disaster strikes, and how much our Members, as Freemasons, want to be part of that support so individuals don’t have to face this recovery challenge alone. We are currently working […]
NewsQut Course Large

Helping community organisations tell the story of their social impact and attract more funding

Investing in organisational capability building for their community partners is a key component of Hand Heart Pocket’s refreshed strategy. Recognising that time and financial constraints stop most community organisations from honing their skills in outcome measurement and impact evaluation, Hand Heart Pocket subsidised a QUT Short Course for 30 organisations so that their community partners, […]
News20211203 Funders Hub

Sharing space – sharing ideas

After working from home for much of the past year, many of us are excited to be back in the office. We have come to appreciate how our physical workplace not only encourages teamwork and creativity, but also supports our emotional wellbeing. A co-working space can be an exciting environment offering flexibility, collaboration and networking, […]
News20211126 Green Fox Studio Large

Supporting young men to make time count

The idea of prison inmates getting a second chance is a very confronting issue, with some people not sure they deserve it. However, experts say breaking the cycle of re-offending is vital. In 2019, in an Australian first, Green Fox Studio set up a not-for-profit creative training studio in a high-security Queensland prison, to help […]
News20210902 Mnd Queensland Walkerston Lodge Large

Freemasons honour Alison’s memory

Last month, Mackay’s Alison Graham was remembered as a great mum and a fantastic grandmother. “When she passed away last year, I received so many phone calls and emails from people everywhere, people she worked with years ago and people that knew her in the community, and they all said how much of a great […]

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