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Who We Are

For centuries Freemasons have used the symbols of hand, heart and pocket to pledge practical help, genuine empathy and financial generosity to those who need it most. Inspired by this spirit of benevolence,
today we promise that same support.

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Practical Help
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Genuine Empathy
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Financial Generosity

We are an independent charity and philanthropic foundation that provides support to registered charities and businesses that trade to intentionally tackle social problems, as well as families and individuals, to help improve outcomes for the community.

Hand Heart Pocket is the trading name and brand for the Board of Benevolence and of Aged Masons Widows and Orphans’ Fund, which was founded by the Freemasons of Queensland over 110 years ago and has an extensive history of charity, benevolence and philanthropy.

At a state-wide level, we partner with other charities and philanthropists and provide Significant and Flagship Grants which mainly focus on improving outcomes for youth at risk.

Hand Heart Pocket also provides a smaller portion of its larger grant funding for programs and initiatives that support men’s mental and physical health, women’s financial and physical security and our ageing population.

At a grassroots level, we work with Freemason Lodges across Queensland and in Papua New Guinea who know exactly which local initiative, individual or family needs our support, so together, we can strengthen families and communities.

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Wwaico Identity
Building on the legacy of Freemasonry, we empower, support and enable humanity in an ever-changing world.
Wwaico Purpose
Through engagement with members and communities, we identify opportunities to provide sustainable support that delivers positive outcomes.
Wwaico Values
Our values bind us together as an organisation and are reflected in everything we do.
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Our Values Are

  • Compassion

    Alleviate suffering and misfortune

  • Integrity

    Moral and ethical

  • Empowerment

    Equip people directly or through others to lead better lives

Uico Grant Funding

Looking for grant funding?

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Latest News

News20210902 Mnd Queensland Walkerston Lodge Large

Freemasons honour Alison’s memory

Last month, Mackay’s Alison Graham was remembered as a great mum and a fantastic grandmother. “When she passed away last year, I received so many phone calls and emails from people everywhere, people she worked with years ago and people that knew her in the community, and they all said how much of a great […]
NewsMaleny Neighbourhood Centre Large

Women’s homelessness moves Masons

From the outside, it looks like any other 3-bedroom house in Maleny. But the Women’s House, as it’s called, is a special place. It’s where women experiencing homelessness and their children can stay while they get back on their feet. Supported by the hinterland community, the house is run by the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre (MNC), […]
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Sarah finds her happy place

Sarah, 20, has faced more challenges than most young people her age, but she has a good feeling about what lies ahead. Sarah was only ten years old when her mother died and was sent to live with relatives after her father could no longer care for her and her twin sister. She spent the […]
News202106 Wynnum Community Place Large

Helping those in need to change lanes and change their lives

Rough sleepers and people in need on Brisbane’s bayside will be able to change lanes and change their lives, all thanks to a $15,000 funding boost to Wynnum Community Place. The organisation’s Changing Lanes program was handpicked to receive the funds by five local Freemason Lodges. Ken Rose of Redlands Lodge said the program appealed […]
News202106 Roma Hospital Chairs Large

Freemasons gift specialised chairs to Roma Hospital

Dialysis and chemotherapy patients at Roma Hospital will receive treatment in added comfort thanks to a $22,659 donation from the South West Queensland Freemasons and Hand Heart Pocket the Charity of Freemasons Queensland. The three new day-treatment chairs which Roma Hospital has purchased are ideal for patients receiving treatment for extended periods, with features such […]
NewsGayndah Hospital 2021 Device

Freemasons champion big savings with little device

Time spent waiting for certain pathology results will be slashed, helping to improve patient care at Gayndah Hospital all thanks to the donation of a small device. With another Hemocue infection analyser now on hand, the regional hospital can access information like a patient’s white blood cell count and detect the presence of an infection […]

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